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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Suicide on your lips

Soft lips pressed to mine
A warm hand caressing my cheek
Sleek fingers running through my hair
Strong arms keeping me close.
A smile that gives me butterflies.
A touch that makes me shiver.
A voice that makes my heart jump.
Your body so close to mine.
Chérie, your love is dear to me
A treasure I hold close
So make love to me now
As the setting sun goes down.

Friday, 19 October 2012


You've covered yourself in blankets,
Like you're hiding from the bogey man
You're so enraptured with your own ego
That you reject the helping hand.

You twisted what was a friendly gesture
And called it your very right
Now it's time for you to fade away
Into the bitter cold of night.

I'm about to show you reality
So stay tuned and watch me work
I'll paint you a vivid picture
That'll give your heart a jerk.

See you though you should be top side
Basking in the morning glory
But you're sitting in a filthy sewer 
This is your fucking story.

When you first stepped upon the crowds,
Like a sea full of angry sharks
They rise upon a swelling wave
And send you somewhere dark. 

Bleeding, chopped and mutilated
Hung like a piece of rotting meat
Just give up on your dignity
And accept your own defeat. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012


The day she'll die, she'll die with a smile upon her face that will reflect the sad stories she's been through. The smile of an insane girl who brings sadness as a gift to her beloved ones. She wishes she could be as happy as she was a very long time ago. She wishes she could feel the way she did once for someone. She misses a relationship where time had no stop button and where feelings last. What happened to that innocent girl who used to captive the entire world with her smile, her joy and her love? What happened to her soul, but with her mind? Is she crazy or she's just sick? Maybe she'll die or maybe she'll live.

Friday, 12 October 2012

The tattoo

Pare oarecum banal însă pentru mine are o semnificație enormă. Pentru mine, imperfecțiunea înseamnă perfecțiune. Totul este superb așa cum a fost creeat și nu necesită schimbare. Nebunia este, îndr-adevăr, o operă de artă. Cam strong însă lasă impresii bune. Așa cum și mulți critică, critică degeaba pentru că esența este superioară multor chestii. Nimeni nu e prost doar pentru că tu ai impresia asta, nimeni nu stă să-ți înghită jignirile doar pentru că așa vrei tu. Fiecare om e perfect în imperfecțiunea lui și asta îl face special!