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Monday, 26 November 2012

To my artists


We are all united in one thing:
We are passionate.
Passionate in our love.
Passionate in our hatred.

Some carve their pain along their wrists.
Some carve their pain on paper.
Some, like me, carve their pain into words
Into musical notes drifting from a guitar.

This is what creates beauty.
Out of our sorrow,
Often comes the enjoyment of others.
Little do they know the tears involved in the enjoyment of their senses.

Little do they know
Hoe deeply we feel.
How we literally feel our hearts break and sigh
With every movement of our fingertips
As we attempt to create beauty.

So this is to you artists.
I know you're sad.
I know you feel hopeless.
I know you feel rejected.

Know that you are not alone.
And know that these things don't define you.
And know...
Know that i love you.
Not just because i can relate to you
But because we are alike.
Because you are my sister.
My brother.
My friend.

Little Miss Sunshine

From the day she opened her eyes, they all knew there is something special about her, but they couldn't figure it out what it was. Blue eyes. White skin. Red lips. Blonde hair. Perfection itself. Rarely you find such tiny dolls that could rule the world in their manner. And the odd thing is that they know how to do it. The Earth itself keeps secrets and mysteries that she may never find them out. It was daylight, the sun was up in the sky but the coldness was spreading along without fear. A little child was playing in the woods with some kids when he saw a shade in the distance. He couldn't say what that shade represents but his entire soul was charged with some kind of guild and sadness he never thought it was possible, but he felt that all of those weird feelings come from her. Night came and the moon sits well on the starry sky. It was watching over the girl. It was like she was from an another dimension and everything she touched on Earth, well, it became magical. Some say that the girl was an alien, some say she was an work of art sent on Earth to bless the humans. Was she? Well, there is something you should know. Nobody knows the truth.