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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What does the word ' friendship' mean to you?

I've questioned a lot of people about what does the word 'friendship' means to them.
I will write here some examples. 

  • mrsalltinelow answers : To me i think it means not holding back secrets telling ur friends everything comfort them when they're down and they'll be there for u when ur not 4 them.
  • JIwaszko answers : Everything, my life.
  • ParamoresNavy answers : Someone who will have your back no matter what, someone who will stand by you whenever you need them. A friend is someone who will be with you until the end.
  • xomusicdonkeyxo answers : always having someone to sing along really loud to songs even though we know we suck, that knows your secrets but doesn't tell, that has your back, that is always there for you, that tell each other everything, and will do whatever we feel like and not care if people think we're freaks.
  • sammywhammykins answers : To me, Friendship means a bond that shouldn't be broken. It means people who will always be there for you through the good and the bad. Somebody that can make you smile, when you wanna cry.
  • stepphh answers : So much yet it should be quite simple to have. To me friendship is trust and loyalty. It's being able to sit with someone without feeling like anyone has to make conversation. It's being able to have a laugh but not being afraid to hide emotions when any of us are upset. Friendship is being in love-just not in a romantic sense.
  • xCapnAshAshx answers : Someone names Mango!
  • ParamoreLovers answers : means love, affection, protection, everything a person needs to live!
  • raachaelactonn answers : someone who is always by your side, that wont leave you for a boyfriend. oh wait, thats what my 'friends' do! o.O
  • metalmonday answers : Friendship... it basically means reliance on someone and trust of someone. I trust all my best friends and know I can rely on them for anything. There's different levels of friendship, though. The friends you trust wholeheartedly, the friends you love to spend time with, and then facebook friends (which is basically friendship in name only).
  • ChyazSamuel answers : Being there for people when they truly need you, trying your best to understand them and being with people you can truly be yourself and have fun around :D
  • GothNina answers : The relationship with someone I can trust, can have fun with and can count on.
  • enotova answers : real friendship is one of the best things in my life.
  • AmyAKAChucky answers : people who can share anything with each other knowing it won't be told to anyone else and someone you can trust.
  • cookielid answers : what a good question.
    I'm glad you asked that.
    Friendship is doing good things to someone without having any cause or interest in it, it means being truthful, loyal and loving all at the same time. Friendship is when you enjoy spending time with a person because of who the person is and not because of what you are going to get out of the person. You bring that person into your life because of what he/she means to you.
  • Octipi answers : friendship is when someone truely cares about you and would help you when you have problems. Caring is the big part.
  • melissapwnss answers : Always being there for eachother no matter what, and being able to make me laugh thats key. its kinda simple for me.
  • movie25 answers : idk to me it means someone who is there for me when i need them or someone i can talk to in a time of need. someone i can hangout with and chill.
  • xOhCyrus answers : it means love,care & laugh !
  • MovieMadman answers : It's the ship owned by a friend of mine.
  • Sakuracherry7 answers : Friendship means a lot in my case, someone who accept all of ones traits without criticism,or judgement of them.Someone who is there for you when you need them...Someone who you can rely on, have fun with and trust. A friend to me is someone special that I care about and cares about me too.
  • Lebofilms answers : Many things. It depends on the kind of friendship. Sometimes it means to me a person you can turn to at all hours of the day or not for anything at all. The it's can be just a person who you enjoy going out with to a movie, a bar, a party, etc.
  • Anchy2006 answers : being able to talk with that person about anything on your mind and realizing he already knew what you wanted to say, because he knows you inside out, sometimes better than you know yourself.
  • Ukone answers : "friendship" to me means to have somebody by your side who won't judge you by who you are or what likes and dislikes you have. A friend to me is someone loyal whom you can have faith in.

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