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Thursday, 21 August 2014

00:00 - Midnight run

And so the midnight run has started
I miss you more than I can tell
I crave to spend those nights in your arms
To feel the warmth of your body and heart.
I miss your funny adorable smile
I miss the sweetest words you often say
I miss pulling my hand through your hair
I miss everything you are.
I need your love like the air I'm breathing
I need your body like the music I'm listening 
I need you more than anything on the universe.
I love every cuddle in the morning
I love everything your heart whispers mine
I love your silly attitude mostly
I love you for what you are and 
because you don't struggle to be something
you're not.
I love you for being creative and for 
joggling with ideas like a champ.
I love you for the courage you showed by 
opening your heart to a stranger and
loving her.
I love you for being the most perfect man
in this imperfect world.
I love you for changing me into a better 
person when I thought I couldn't trust
anyone else.
I love you for being patient and careful
with my heart and me.
I love you more than words can describe and
I will always love you and you'll always be mine for eternity.

"I was made for loving you baby and you were made for loving me."

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